Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cereal Addicts Layout

At long last I finished the Layout for Cereal Addicts Anonymous. The purpose of this is to see the key poses in framed with rough backgrounds. It is important to have a layout to make sure everything has continuity and none of the rules of filmmaking are broken. Also, it is key to communicating the story to the voice talent. This layout was made by scanning drawings into photoshop, then using Toonboom studio to arrange the drawings and draw the backgrounds. This will become the animatic once I have the voices recorded and the best takes selected. The great thing about Toonboom is that it has a timeline like non-linear editing programs (final cut, premeire) and an exposure sheet. So when I arrange and time the elements using the timeline to refine the timing, I will not have to go through and make an exposure sheet.

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