Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chapter 5 - Ellipses and Cylinders

Chapter 5 expands on Chapter 4 by adding Cylinders to represent the limbs.  This is a useful way to render the limbs as simple shapes, and keep the three-dimensional in perspective.  I have used cylinders to represent limbs before.  I was tempted to breeze over this chapter.  However, throughout the book, Vilppu warns about the student thinking he has advanced beyond the material and skipping ahead.  I put the time into this chapter and it was well worth it.   As I progress in these studies I feel more and more confident in drawing the figure from memory and imagination.  These were drawn in ball point pen at Rittenhouse park.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rough Animation

I did these short very rough animations for fun. I didn't plan out the action ahead of time. I just animated them straight through, tweaking as I went. My goal was just to play around with the medium.

Climbing over a wall

Jumping Rope - This one is my favorite

Doing Flips - This one was slightly more planned out. Next time I do something more complicated like this one, I will plan it out more. I ended up redoing almost the entire thing after my original idea didn't look right. It still doesn't look quite right, but I am new at this.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Box and Sphere - Vilppu drawing manual chapter 4

In this last chapter I drew figures out of boxes. In the chapter before that, I drew figures out of rounded shapes. In this chapter I combine the box and the sphere. The box representing the pelvis and the sphere representing the rib cage. I did this with drawings of people in the park. Unfortunately the studio where I do longer studies has been closed. So, I was not able to do any longer studies. To bring home the concept I decided to do a very short animation. In order to make the animation work, I really needed to understand the concept in three dimensions.  All studies done on sketch paper with ball point pen.  Animation done in Toon Boom Studio.