Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weeks 29 and 30 - Hunt Emerson

I've been lazy about posting but I am still doing artwork and studies. For weeks 29 and 30 I studied Hunt Emerson. I studied from his book Casanova's Last Stand. I chose his work because of his great cartoony style. After the past month being realistic and serious I wanted to go back to my cartoony roots. I can tell we both draw influence from classic cartoon animation. These were very enjoyable studies.
Gesture -Hunt Emerson copies -Originals -I am no longer following a schedual. I've been doing finished digital character illustration and working on a personal project of mine. These lessons of copying a classic cartoonist/illustrator then doing originals with his style in mind has helped me improve alot. As much as I would like to continue studies like this, It is time to focus on creating original work. I am trying to improve in taking drawings from start to finish. Also, I am very excited to do my personal project and it can't wait for my skills to improve anymore. Time to get to work.