Friday, July 27, 2007

$100,000 drawing course - lesson 4 part 1

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 4

here are is my first attempt at lesson 4. I feel like I got a few things right but I still have a long way to go. I am still working on lesson 3 as well, but since I usually only get a chance to get to a scanner about once a week, I will finish up 3 while starting 4.

$100,000 drawing course - lesson 3 part 4

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 3

Here is another round of corrections for lesson 3. I am making progress, though slowly. Every week I get a few more drawings right. I think I will finish this lesson soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

$100,000 Drawing course Lesson 3 part 3

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 3

Another round of corrections for lesson 3. This is getting fairly frustrating. However I am making progress and I know I am getting to be a better cartoonist, and artists in general. If I wasn't struggling with these I wouldn't be learning anything. I am going to continue correcting these first two lessons. I also might start working on lesson 4 as I feel I am very close to finishing lesson 3.

Monday, July 9, 2007

$100,00 Drawing Course Lesson 3 part 2

Here are my drawings I did, after checking the last batch for mistakes. I feel like a really turned a corner in this lesson. I am getting more of a feel for wrapping the details around the construction. I am developing an eye for mistakes, like John K says in his blog. Here are the same drawings against the originals.
most of these are still slightly off, some even more so than the drawings from before the proportion check. However I feel like I am improving consistently. I will redraw the ones that are more than slightly off. However I think being off slightly is ok. The only way to get it perfect is to use a light table, and thats just cheating. Even Preston Blair's drawing were sometimes slightly off the construction. As evidenced in these pictures.

I also proportion checked lesson 2. These are much more off. Now I know what I have to do. I have to redraw the ones from lesson 1 that are more than slightly off and correct lesson 2. I know being slightly off can make a big difference but I could spend my whole life drawing these Preston Blair drawings and never get them quite perfect. I haven't seen anybody get these %100 correct. The important thing is learning to apply these fundamentals.
ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 3

Friday, July 6, 2007

Looney Moon Cartoons does first friday, again

Today was first friday down in old city, Philadelphia. For those of you who don't know, first friday is a cultural event where galleries put up their new work for the month and local artists sell their work on the street. around 5:30 Philadelphia police came through and kicked out all the artists, for selling on the street without a permit. It is a horrible abuse of power, and nobody is happy about it, but that is another topic entirely. I sell cartoons as a psychic cartoonist. I tell people I can predict their future through the power of cartoon. Since I didn't have a vendor permit I could not sell my cartoons, however I did encourage donations. I discovered that I actually make more money this way. Selling cartoons for 1$ limits how much I will be paid. When I ask for a donation, people pay what they feel is fair. Here are some of the cartoons.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lesson 3 Part 1

Here are my drawings from lesson 1 shown over Preston's. His are a little better. I think (and hope) the purpose of this lesson is to see where you are off, not to match the original drawing perfectly. That's what light tables are for. Now I will get to work improving these.
ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 3

Monday, July 2, 2007


Here is a caricature of my new friend Shana. That's me floating on a cloud, giving her my sagelike advice (the loin cloth was here idea). She is walking her freakish dog Captain Monstro. I think she should take him to the vet, he doesn't look well.

$100,000 Dollar Drawing Course, Lesson 2

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 2

Here is Lesson 2. I am starting to feel alot more confident in my cartooning abilities. However I feel like the pressure to make these drawings accurate is forcing me to veiw them too 2 dimensionally. I'll see how that pans out toward the end of the coarse.

$100,000 Dollar Drawing Course, Lesson 1 part 3

After a few more final corrections I feel confident with the basic construction of the head. I am moving on to lesson 2.