Monday, July 9, 2007

$100,00 Drawing Course Lesson 3 part 2

Here are my drawings I did, after checking the last batch for mistakes. I feel like a really turned a corner in this lesson. I am getting more of a feel for wrapping the details around the construction. I am developing an eye for mistakes, like John K says in his blog. Here are the same drawings against the originals.
most of these are still slightly off, some even more so than the drawings from before the proportion check. However I feel like I am improving consistently. I will redraw the ones that are more than slightly off. However I think being off slightly is ok. The only way to get it perfect is to use a light table, and thats just cheating. Even Preston Blair's drawing were sometimes slightly off the construction. As evidenced in these pictures.

I also proportion checked lesson 2. These are much more off. Now I know what I have to do. I have to redraw the ones from lesson 1 that are more than slightly off and correct lesson 2. I know being slightly off can make a big difference but I could spend my whole life drawing these Preston Blair drawings and never get them quite perfect. I haven't seen anybody get these %100 correct. The important thing is learning to apply these fundamentals.
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