Monday, May 28, 2007

'87 Temple University Yearbook

Today I got a yearbook from Temple University's class of 1987. A nice old lady sold it to me. I could have done without her life story, but it was worth it for this piece of cartoonist gold. The idea of collecting old year books is one of Uncle Eddie's Theories. I must say, it is a genious idea. especially this one from the 80s. I can fit fewer caracatures on a page because everybody had such huge hair. There were some really goofy looking people in the 80s. Were huge glasses , mustashes, and big hair seriously in style back then or did only nerds go to college in the 80s. Either way it is an amazing resource for caracature material, and since I will probably never meet any of these people, I can take the caracatures as far as I want and they will never know.

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David said...

20 years from now people will look at the 2007 Temple University Yearbook and say that the people look goofy, too.