Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ren and Stimpy

I recently bought Ren and Stimpy: Complete first and second season on DVD. It is pure cartoon genius, Here are some sketches. I could go on all day on reasons why Ren and Stimpy is genious that modern cartoons are missing. I will just focus on two quickly: Cartoony-ness and texture. The characters in Ren and Stimpy do not rigidly follow model sheets. The are constantly warping into exagerated cartoony expressions and poses. Watch Cartoon network these days. See how often the characters poses and expressions are pushed at all. Ren and Stimpy pushed they're poses and expressions as far as they could go, then pushed them further. Ren and Stimpy uses paintings to add texture. Modern Cartoons are all colored in completely flat digital shades. Sure, maybe there is the occasional gradient, but it is digitally smooth and textureless. Using real paint gives Ren and Stimpy a texture that digital technology cannot duplicate. To be fair Spongebob Square pants also has cartoony-ness and texture though they don't take it as far as Ren and Stimpy did.

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