Monday, June 25, 2007

$100,000 Dollar Drawing Lesson 1, part 2

At work yestarday (I have serious amounts of down time, why I love my job) I compared my previous attempts at lesson 1 to preston blair's by eye and noted the differences. I then redrew the lesson correcting for my previous mistakes. I think these are much better than the first time. I still need to go use photoshop, to check even more closely for mistakes.


Mad Taylor said...

Yeah Metalocalypse is great. This new season is shaping up to be really funny so far. The anatomy stuff you did is cool, that was one of my favorite classes at art school.

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

If I could make a request. I know its probably not gonig to be up tp you but I would like to see Metalocalypse with more heavy metal and blood splatter. Infact, I would be pretty happy if it was all heavy metal and blood splatter.