Monday, June 11, 2007

Cruelty to animals

Up 'til now I have not used this blog to harp on socail issues, but this one I could simply not ignore. All over the world people are dressing their pets in humiliating clothing. These poor animals do not deserve this. Why doesn't PETA step up and do something about it instead of printing those flyers telling me not to eat the meat I love so much.
I have drawn some cartoons to raise awareness of this issue and hopefully dispell the myth that this is "cute."When I was drawing this I thought of all kinds of captions for what the dog is thinking, such as "I hate you", "Just give me some chocolate now and get it over with", or "Even the cat is laughing at me. That smug bastard will het his." But I think the look on his face says it all.

Here are some more horrifying examples.

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