Wednesday, August 29, 2007

John K's animation lesson 1 - Bosko's dance

Here is my first attempt at Bosko's dance. The timing was not hard to figure out. The strongest beat is the 12 beat where he drops to his lowest point. His hips reach the highest point 4 frames later. during the next 4 frames his hips and head stay in place and his arms move to their furthest point, then he drops back down again. This is my first time copying animation and I love it. It is fun and very informative. This is also my first time animating on 1s. I usually animate on 2s to save time.

Here is the same animation checked against the original. The timing is right, but the head is off to the right, and the hands get ahead of the original. I will go back and correct, just like I did for the $100,000 drawing course. I'm not sure when though, as I am still in the process of tuning up my bike. (overhauled the hubs today, brakes are next)

I'd like to personally thank John K for providing such great lessons. These are really improving my fundamentals. I guess I owe him some wicked funny cartoons once my fundamentals are solid enough.

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