Sunday, August 19, 2007

$100,000 Drawing Course Lesson 4 - Bugs Bunny

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 4
Today I drew a proportionally accurate bugs bunny. I am using a new, more effective method to get these 'right'. Before I drew most of these at my desk at work then checked them later. Now I draw them at my desk at home and check them as I go. Drawing the whole thing, then checking them until I got it right would have taken forever. Checking the structure makes this much much easier. If the structure is off, it is impossible to notice where the details are wrong. unfortunately this method leads to drawing with tons of erase marks. However, the object of the course isn't to make the drawing pretty, its to make them fundamentally sound and proportionately accurate.

Off topic : the website for a short film I worked on is now online. I'm a little surprised by the trailer because when I read the script I thought it was a comedy.


chrisallison said...

Hey Looney, it looks like you're getting the foundations right on. I looked through this course and you're drawings are really solid studies. You're doing a good job.

I went to your other blog tho, and I don't see the same principles being applied. The important part of this I think isn't to just become good at copying, but by doing it over and over, you see how Preston Blair constructs the head, and places the eyes so that they wrap around the form, etc.

I might recommend spending a little more time on the application of these principles (maybe spending 10 minutes on a drawing, or longer) to make sure you are APPLYING the principles you're working so hard to learn.

You're doing great, and I can't wait to see how fast you're gonna become a super talent!

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Thanks for the honest critique and encouragement.
Your right, I do let the construction get a sloppy on the quick drawings. I am in the habit of drawing characters with bulging eyes. I like that style, and I'm not going to stop. But I should focus more on using solid construction. As for taking longer on drawings, I do drawings that take 10 min or more but I usually don't upload them.