Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Week 6 - Perspective 3 - objects in perpective

The focus of this weeks exercises were drawing objects in perspective, including the human form. I placed an object in an imaginary cube, then drawing the cube in perspective. Using this cube, and perspective drawing techniques, it is possible to 'plot out' the features of an object. I still rely on observation and imagination to draw the object in three dimensions, the cube helps to understand how the object occupies space. This technique can also be used to draw an object in three dimensions from two dimensional plans.
Objects in space gesture - This exercise is very similar to the Gesture of space exercise. The focus to these drawings was to quickly render objects in correct relation to each other. I created many mini-still lifes designed to highlight the space between the objects.
Objects in perspective from photo - In this exercise, I used Photoshop to enclose the object in an imaginary cube. I then drew the cube in perspective, and used it as a reference to draw the object. These exercises were based off of those in The Complete Guide to Perspective by John Raynes.Structure study
Objects in perspective from plans - In this exercise, I drew a cube around the plan of the object. Then, I rendered the cube with perspective drawing technique, and used the cube, and the plan, as references to render the object.

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