Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Get Lucky

I had this idea for a condom commercial, so I did a cartoon of it. So, ad agencies, wanna hire me?


Anonymous said...

"This film seems to be using 3d as a cartoony medium based on the artwork of Dr. Suess instead of pushing fake realism. If you want realism that’s what camera's are for."

Hey Looney,

I wasn't trying to imply that the world demands another bland, photo-realistic animated film; I was just trying to say that when someone tries to adapt something to another medium, even the most diehard of fans will oppose something against it, whenever intentional or otherwise stated. That’s all, and besides, the world is depressing enough as it is, so why do we need something that constantly reminds us about the state of our planet?

From a wannabe cartoonist/ artist


Looney Moon Cartoons said...

We're in agreement on that

Anonymous said...

"We're in agreement on that"

Really? Who knew...

From a wannabe cartoonist/ artist,