Saturday, September 15, 2007

Daily Randomness Month in review

Its been a month of posting my Daily drawings. I don't know if how many people have actually been looking at them, but I have gotten some critique, so it's worth posting.

The top drawing is from today. The bottom is from one month ago. I don't see a whole lot of improvement. Its too gradual to see in just one month. For comparisons sake, here is a page from about 9 months ago when I started doing these daily drawings. These just plain suck.
Here are some highlights from the month
freaky lookin birdThat was a nasty sunburn.
Going abstract
I like drawing fish and their streamlined shape
I almost got Bugs Bunny
I know this girl, her eyes are slightly less hypnotic in real life.
Being a tadpole can be quite relaxing.
And this guy takes the cake.

All these drawings were done in about a minute. Some are two minute two-parters.

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