Friday, May 27, 2011

Anatomy Studies - Torso and Posemaniacs

I applied a similar method to the study of the torso as applied to the arms and legs.  Since the ribcage is so complex, I did separate studies for the bones and the muscles.  However, using myself as a model is not practical for anatomy studies outside of simple poses.  For variety to these studies, I have supplemented posemaniacs.  It is not as good as using myself as a model but I have found it very helpful.  My approach to using posemanics has been to use it as a base to construct the pose in my study.  I use photoshop so I can separate each step of the drawing to its own layer.  I start with gesture and structure.  Next I fill in the anatomy.  The last layer is a contour drawing of the figure.  The contour drawings tend to be a little flat.  I think it is because the line work is flat.  I add the line work more to check for mistakes that I would otherwise miss than as a finished drawing in itself.  I have done quite a few of these studies and others with the same approach without a reference.  I have found this method useful in learning to construct the figure as well as drill in my study of anatomy from many angles.

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