Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 4 - Perspective 1 - Exteriors in the city

The next phase of my studies will focus on incorporating perspective theory into my drawing ability. At first, I tried to just jump into perspective exercises and figure it out as I went. The result was small success followed by frustrating failure. I decided the best route would be to take one step back for two steps forward. I stopped following my study schedule, hence no posts, and read up on perspective theory. I read Perspective: From Basic to Creative by Robert W. Gill. This book is written for architecture and engineering students, not artists. It teaches how to make accurate three dimensional perspective drawings from two dimensional plans. It was much more indepth into the theory than any perspective drawing book I read for artists. It was dry and boring, but I read the entire thing. Now I know more about theoretical perspective than I ever expect to need. As I was reading I see how theoretical perspective could be very useful for scene planning and storyboarding. I wish I had known this stuff back when I did storyboards for independent films. Anyways, I had the knowledge of perspective, The next step was to develope exercises to weld it with my other drawing skills.
Gesture of Space - I did gesture of space in previous schedules as a lead in to perspective study. This time around I loosely used perspective theory in the drawings. They still don't look like anything though
Perspective Drawing from Photo - In these studies I took digital photographs of exteriors around the city. Then, in photoshop, I drew the horizon line, ground line, vanishing points, and parrells. Using this as a reference I drew the cityscape in perspective.
Perspective from Plans - Here I applied theoretical perspective to create a perspective drawing from a 2 dimensional plan. However, I did not adhere strictly to the theory. I used the plan more as a reference than as an exact plan. I also made a small change to the structural study. Now I also include a little of the ground the model is on.


Christine Gerardi said...

Very cool stuff. Also, thanks for commenting on my blog. How did you find it?

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Thanks Christine. You posted a comment on John K's blog and I clicked the link. This whole blogger thing is connected ya know.