Sunday, January 27, 2008

$100,000 Drawing Course - FINAL!

In June is started working on the John K's $100,000 Drawing Course. My goal was too tune-up my skills by copying every model sheet in the course. About 7 months here are the results. To keep this post from being ridiculously long I will only show the model sheets, with my drawings overlaid. The entire course can be seen here.
Lessons 1, 2, and 3 - Head Construction / Proportion check your work
The first Lesson was by far the hardest. When you look through Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation, These Concepts seem very simple. You don't realize how difficult it is until you compare your drawings to the originals in Photoshop and see all your errors. Adjusting to a new way of drawing takes time. After this first lesson it gets easier. These first three pages took me longer than all the model sheets in lesson 10. I did many of these drawings during my brief stint as a Concierge. I had twelve hour shifts with about two hours of work, so I had plenty of time to draw. I learned two things. 1) Drawing for ten hours straight is tough, 2) When the owner of the building comes in and sees you drawing cartoons he fires your ass. I would not get a chance to check these drawings while I was working. Basically I just drew as many as I could and hoped some of them would be accurate.

Lesson - 4 - Full Body

These Model sheets represent an important change in my method, at this point. Now I am drawing at home. I can now check my work as I go. I would first draw the construction of the character, check it and correct mistakes. Then draw the details, check it and correct mistakes. This allowed me to de-construct the drawings as I learned them. I began learning much faster, and producing more accurate copies.
Lesson 5 - Line of Action
Lesson 6 - Advanced Head Construction- Katie Rice

Lesson 7 - When generic is a good thing

Lesson 8 - Proportion and Contrast.
As the I copied more model sheets, I began to rely less and less on checking and correcting. Eventually I would draw the construction and detail then if it was close, I would check and correct once.

Lesson 9 - Hands
Lesson 10 - Substance and Style
I omitted some model sheets and added some others. Hey, its a free course

I would recommend this course to any aspiring cartoonist. It has seriously improved my cartooning ability. Its like night and day. It has also taught me a new way to learn to draw. Now I really feel like I have the basics of construction down.

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Good work sticking with the course.