Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sully the Wicked Awsome Squirell

Here are some drawings of my character, Sully the Wicked Awesome Squirrel. He is the masshole version of Bugs Bunny or Screwy Squirrel. He lives in a tree on outside of Fenway Park. Someday I hope to have the skills to have him star in animated cartoons.This Yankees fan rat is Sully's mortal enemy. I envision the cartoon basically being him and Sully beating the crap out of each other. The Rat is bigger and stronger but Sully is faster and smarter, so he wins out in the end. I've also been working on designs for Sully's best friend, an alcoholic duck. I dream of someday seeing Sully on the jumbo-screen at Fenway.Here is Sully giving Yankee's manager Joe Torre a wedgie. Ever notice how Joe Torre's nose looks like an ass in the middle of his face? This would be so much sweeter if the Sox had knocked the Yankees out of the play-off.

Ps. Sully and the Yankees fan rat are copyright of me. Oh yeah, and the Yankees Suck!


David said...

The squirrel character is excellent. Are you misspelling squirrel intentionally?

The caricature of Joe Torre is also very good.

Jeff Cook said...

Hey that sounds like a great backstory to the characters. I'd watch ya cartoon.

Yeah nice work on the squirrel.