Friday, March 23, 2007

Show and Tell - Dancing

Here are some roughs of the show and tell characters in motion. These are the extremes of the motions. Our star strust across the stage past his dancers. For this project I am learning to time animation to music. I have never done this before, but it is an animation tool that I must learn. It is one of animations oldest conventions. Unfortunately, this concept has almost dissapeared from modern cartoons. Learning this has been difficult since I have no musical background. I have found some great resources to help me.

The ASIFA-Animation Archive has a great article on the subject.

I have read some blogs of other animators figuring out the same problem, Here are Goober Sleave's fist article, Goober's second article, Nick Cross's article, Mark Mayerson's article, and a great resource from Hans Perk.

With these great resources and the free GiveMeTac Metronome software I am confident I can learn these techniques.

Keep an eye out for the Boogieman dancing.

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